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Challenge Series

Small Steps to big change

What is Zero 2 Thrive?

This challenge series will reinforce our ethos that small steps create big changes, and returning to basics is the most sustainable way to lose weight and never find it again.

Throughout the 10 challenges, you will gain crucial knowledge to allow you to live your best life by developing healthy habits that will enable you to lose weight for good.

Daily Check-Ins
Daily Check-Ins
Workout Calendar
Workout Calendar
Weekly Coaching
Weekly Coaching

What’s Challenge 1?

We’re launching Zero2Thrive with Track to Transform, the first challenge will provide you with foundational knowledge to continue along the series and your own individual health journey.


Losing weight is never easy; we know that not everyone has the support and accountability in their own lives. That’s why you’re here-with the support of myself and team of expert health coaches, we will guide you through these 30 days, hold you accountable, and offer key knowledge and insights along the way.


Why tracking calories is important in your journey, how to track your calories, how many calories you need each day and how many calories you need to lose weight, how to work out a calorie budget for the week, how to stay on track even with social events and special occasions (and it’s not what you think!!) and how to count calories without counting - all whilst losing weight!


This is the once in a lifetime opportunity to transform your relationship with food! Each challenge will give you valuable knowledge, e-books, support, accountability, workout programs and more - so that you don’t have to keep starting over. You will build healthy habits to last a lifetime and with the newfound tools that we give you, you will be able to sustain weight loss and maintenance forever.

What you get:

  • Group weekly interactive LIVE MASTERCLASS with me, Gina B!
  • Access to a 30 day workout calendar
  • Weekly e-books exclusive to the challenge
  • Daily check-ins with our expert health coaches to ensure accountability

We've got your back!


Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, challenges will be held solely in a private Facebook group. It’s free to sign up to Facebook and very easy as well. We are happy to have you sign up with a profile simply just to join the challenge, but we CANNOT ACCEPT any joint profiles with men (i.e. if you and your partner have a joint account you will need to make your own even if it is just for the challenge). The link will be provided in your Welcome Pack.


All challenges are $49 each and you gain exclusive access to knowledge, e-books, professional
support, accountability, workout programs and more. Less than a cup of coffee, a bus ticket, a
juice per day!


When the challenge finishes, you will have a plethora of knowledge to support you on your weight loss journey for life. Then, you can choose to continue on with the series, or not. It’s completely up to you! Following the wrap up of each challenge, the dedicated group will be
closed, however, the upBEat Tribe (our private Facebook group) will ALWAYS remain open to anyone who would like to join to connect with likeminded women around the world to support you on your journey.


Please refer to each individual challenge page for their next respective starting dates.


Although not our strict focus, Zero2Thrive will give you invaluable “tools for your toolbox” to help you along your weight loss journey. It will provide you with the foundations for successful,
sustainable weight loss and habit change. While individual results will vary, by following the program, you’re giving yourself the best chance at long term success


No. While you may lose weight quickly with a meal plan, you are more likely to revert to your old ways soon after completing. Whereas with our challenge series, we show you how to eat well
and gain health through small, positive, and sustainable habit changes. We aren’t reinventing
the wheel here but through knowledge, support and accountability, Zero2Thrive will give you the tools to stay healthy for life.


ABSOLUTELY! The challenge will teach you how to individually tailor your own diet to meet caloric and nutritional needs. 


To support you through Zero2Thrive in the best way you’ll need:
- An internet connection
- An email address
- Access to Facebook (no shared accounts as discussed above)
- We prefer MyFitnessPal, to help track your calories which is a free download, but you
can use any or your current favourite.
- A small set of food scales, measuring cups/spoons.
- For Challenge 4, Meal Prep Makeover, you may benefit from a set of food storage

- Any device to track your steps (most smartphones have the capability to track your steps
via the Health app)


Your body has a different focus at this time in your life, with different physical and nutrition
needs, so it’s not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. As always, please seek
the opinion of your health care professional during this important time.


We recommend starting with Challenge 1, and working your way systematically through the
challenges, as they were specifically designed to build knowledge and tools from 1 to 6.
However, should you decide to skip a challenge or two, you can opt to embark on a single


Absolutely! All you need is an internet connection. Although you may miss the weekly live calls
in real time, they’re all recorded so you can watch them at your leisure. And because we’ve got
your back in the private challenge group, you can always ask your questions there.