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Want to know which workout is right for you? We’ve put together a sweat scale to help you choose!

  • 1 drop = fun, easy beat to get your body moving and start working up a sweat
  • 2 drops = an energetic beat to get those calories burning
  • 3 drops = our vibrant tempo to get your best sweat

Dance That Walk

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The easiest way to incorporate your 5000 daily steps in a walking workout is to always keep one foot on the floor. Keep your upper body, lower body and core engaged with a low-intensity walking base intertwined with 4 easy dance moves perfectly pulsed to the beat.
  • Our easiest low-impact walking workout

  • No equipment, just you and your smile

  • 5000 steps danced to the BEat in 45 minutes

Dance That Walk 2

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Gina B is back with DANCE That WALK 2 -another motivating, energetic workout for all ages and fitness levels! Follow along to an easy, 60-minute walkout where you’ll pump out over 7500 steps! Our easy to follow steps and a mix of dancing and walking will get you moving and boost your daily step count in no time!
  • Our Signature Low-Impact Walking WorkoutNow

  • Over 7500 Steps in 1 Easy 60 Minute Walkout!

  • Sweat to the BEat, with a BRAND NEW Track List!

  • Short on time? Now With 2 x 35 minute Express Workout Options!

Dance That Walk | Cardio Party

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Turn up the music with our sizzling 10,000 step (2 x disc work-out) cardio party! Shimmy and stride your way through 45-minutes each of Latin fiesta or disco fever to ignite each movement. No learning, just sweating.
  • Easy and fun low-impact walking workout

  • Move to fiery latin and groovy disco beats

  • Love the skin you’re in and feel great

Dance That Walk | 10 Minute Latin Energy Walkouts

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In a hurry or in a hotel, our 10-minute Latin Energy Walking Workout combines high-tempo beats with easy-to-follow movements to have you feeling the heat. Choose from 4 easy dance moves. Cha cha cha, merengue, flamenco or sexy salsa - so you can sizzle whenever it suits!
  • Choose a single workout, or step into all four

  • Perfect when you need to squeeze in the sweat

  • Take the work out of workout - enjoy the dance!

Dance That Walk | Total Body Circuit

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A unique, high-energy workout program that blends the sculpting and toning benefits of resistance exercise with the fat-shredding and core strengthening benefits of dancing. Walk yourself fit and fabulous!
  • 3 x workouts in one DVD: lower body, upper body, or step up to your best sweat with both

  • Perfect for blasting calories and toning muscle

  • Safe, low-impact muscle moves to keep you free from injury

Dance That Walk | Total Body Circuit 2

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The NEW Total Body Circuit 2, brings you the ultimate calorie shredding and body strengthening benefits of dancing and walking without stepping foot in a gym! All NEW Moves with our famous high-energy BEats! Work up a Sweat & Tone up with our Low Impact, Total Body Walkout! Featuring 3 Workout Options: Upper Body Circuit | Lower Body Circuit | Total Body Circuit
  • Each circuit has 4 x 5-minute rounds, alternating cardio and toning

  • Define and strengthen your shoulders and back, get tank-top ready!

  • Feel the booty burn, tone your legs and trim your thighs!

  • PLUS a BONUS 12 Minute Standing Abs Booster to strengthen your core!