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Eating Well And Exercising But Still Not Seeing Results? Here’s Why.


I’ve been eating well and exercising for a few weeks/months now but still not seeing any results.”

This is a scenario we hear all too often at Up To The BEat so if you’re reading this and this is you, hopefully this blog will help you understand the reasons that may be holding you back! 

If you read our blog on ‘Do Calories Matter’ you will know that we spoke about energy in vs energy out equates to weight loss. That is, if we consume less energy than we expend we will lose weight. While this equation sounds simple enough, it’s not always easy to do but it WILL produce results!

So where am I going wrong? 

We often see many people focusing too much on the energy expenditure portion of this equation, rather than focusing on the amount of energy consumed (that is what we put in our mouth!). Many people will think they need to “burn off” their food or thrash themselves in the gym to ‘earn’ dessert. 

The thing is we often complicate our exercise regime, thinking we need high intensity exercise to burn off the energy. Exercise is absolutely an important part of the equation and amazing for so many other things aside from weight loss, but it really is one of the hardest things to track (more on that here). Now nothing is going to be 100% accurate but tracking food is another really important part of the picture that we can’t forget! 

Another common mistake we see is thinking that we’re having really nutritious foods, we’re talking acai bowls, granola bars, avocado toast which are in fact contributing to an energy surplus. And just because some foods are considered healthier than others, doesn’t mean that we can’t overeat them! It’s all of the lick, sips and extra bites that we don’t count that contribute along the way!

Perspective check! One misconception that we hear a lot is “I am not losing weight because I am going through menopause” or other hormonal reasons. Now not saying that these won’t make it harder, but it’s definitely still possible to achieve your goals (this is obviously excluding those with diagnosed medical conditions)! We need to remember that we may not be as active as we were now as compared to when we were in our 20s! It’s all about getting real with yourself and getting that balance between movement and food. 

So the bottom line is, calories still matter. It’s the combination of all of these different aspects which is most likely the reason you’re not seeing results. 

We know how hard it can be to create an energy deficit, which is why we have created a 30 day challenge Track to Transform, dedicated to teaching you just how to track calories with support from us along the way. Sound like you want in? Register your interest by emailing hello@uptothebeat.com

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