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Choc Banana Protein Shake

Ok so last time I shared with you a blueberry smoothie recipe but I thought it was only fair to share a choc version as well because, well.. who doesn't love chocolate!? Again, this is SUCH a simple recipe that is perfect for those busy mornings when you're running out the door and need something quick to keep you going through until lunch. I often find having a smoothie as a treat in the afternoon is another great pick-me-up if I'm feeling hungry. 


Makes: 1 Shake 
5 mins  
Calories per serving:
Approx. 350




- 25g Chocolate Protein Powder 


- 1 Banana 


- 1cup Almond Milk 
- 1tbs Chia Seeds  

Spices and other 

- 1tsp Honey 
- 1tsp Cinnamon 
- Handful of ice 


1. Add almond milk to blender, then all remaining ingredients 
2. Blend until smooth 
3. ENJOY! 


Image credit: https://www.asweetpeachef.com/chocolate-banana-peanut-butter-protein-shake/

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