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Dancing With The Seniors On Channel 7's Sunrise - Raising Awareness For Arthritis Week

In celebration of Arthritis Week 2016, Gina has teamed up with Arthritis Australia to promote the important of exercise in the management of arthritis. As many of you may know, pain as well as other factors limit arthritis sufferers from partaking in traditional high impact forms of exercise.

It’s all about finding low-impact alternatives, like SMILE & Sway – a fun form of exercise that is non-weight bearing and gentle on the joints. To promote the importance of low-impact workouts for individuals affected by arthritis, the Gina was lucky enough to visit the Channel Seven studios to join Andrew O’Keefe and Angela Cox on the Weekend Sunrise couch! 


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They spoke about the importance of movement for both the body and mind, particularly for those living with a physical disorder such as arthritis.


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